Report a Problem & Privacy

Report a Problem allows you to tell Apple about issues related to your purchases from one of the Stores, which include App Store, iTunes Store, and the Store in Apple Books.

When you use Report a Problem, we collect certain personal information, including identifiers such as information about your Apple ID and the identifier for the purchase that you are reporting. We also use commercial information related to those identifiers, such as information about your purchases and downloads in the Stores, to provide you a list of relevant transactions about which you can report an issue. We also collect any information that you choose to provide Apple about the issue. Apple uses this information to evaluate the reported issue and to provide you the requested support.

When you use Report a Problem to request a refund, we also use this personal information, as well as network activity information such as information about your interaction with this website, and inferences drawn from such activities to prevent fraud and other malicious activity in the Stores and other Apple apps and services. To help us detect fraud, we rely on automated fraud detection processes. If you disagree with your final decision, contact

At all times, information collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at